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Finally, I found what works for me…

After having kids things changed drastically. From my sleep habits, to my workouts, and everything in between, it became more and more difficult to maintain any type of steady routine. Sure, I'd squeeze in a half hearted jog here and there, but never anything that left me feeling really fulfilled in terms of living the healthy lifestyle I wanted.

I remember we had a jogging stroller that eventually found a permanent parking place in our garage because my son quickly became too heavy for me to push him in it. During the months after my son was born things got to a point where I would wake up every Monday and say, "This is it. I'm changing my life. I'm going to work out five days a week going forward." Of course between changing diapers, trips to the doctor, and the ins and outs of everyday life, this never happened. I struggled through this for a while until deciding it was time to take on a new healthy adventure, and join a gym that would help hold me accountable.

In searching around I found the gym that I thought would be the answer to all of my problems. It even had a daycare included that I could drop my son off at while on my way in for a workout. This sounded AMAZING, however, I quickly learned the following Monday as I arrived for my first workout that this was not going to be the dream come true I had hoped for. Between negotiating with my son to get him there, dealing with their sign in process, and dropping things off in the locker room, I found myself quickly running out of time, and being exhausted before even getting started with my workout. This new healthy adventure was short lived, and the only thing that ended up being held accountable was my bank account which didn't miss a beat getting debited for their membership dues each month. Shortly after this baby number two was on the way, and things became even more complicated.

​ Then, one night while laying in bed, I received a phone call from my sister. She was in tears, and was calling to give me all the details of the breakup she was going through with her boyfriend at the time. While on the phone she vowed to do anything she could to make sure she looked smoking hot in case they might see each other again. She asked if I could help her, and like any sister would do, I said yes of course. Little did I know though, we would actually end up helping each other.

A few days later we were at our neighborhood grocery store, and we saw the sign that would end up being a game changer for both of us. There it was - "Orangetheory Fitness. Book your first FREE 1-Hour workout!" Not knowing exactly what we were in store for, we said "why not, the first one's free – let's give it a shot". We went in and scheduled our free workout for the next day, and when we arrived we were immediately blown away by how motivating and full of energy the atmosphere was walking in the door. The coach leading the class and the rest of the staff were super friendly and helpful, and even the other members made us feel at home. We knew after our first workout that this was the place for our new fresh start. We were out of shape and sore after class, but we made a commitment, and decided to join that same day.

That put an end to the weekly Monday morning workout promises I would make to myself and never keep, and allowed me to get into the routine I was so eager to find. I suppose I owe some credit to my sister for helping me find the thing that works so well for me now as well.

I knew I would have to take care of myself before I could take care of others, and joining Orangetheory Fitness has allowed me to do exactly that. I lost some weight, and now find myself full of energy throughout the day. After every class I can't wait to come back to see what fun and challenging workout will be waiting for me the next day. Ultimately, it's important to find whatever it is that works for you, and in my case, it was finding consistency with living a healthier lifestyle, and a welcoming and supportive environment that helps me reach my goals.

If you haven't heard of Orangetheory Fitness or tried a class yet, let me explain how it works and why it is so addicting! Orangetheory is a one-hour full body workout where you spend half the class doing cardio and the other half in the strength room. It is a heart rate based workout where you will wear one of their heart rate monitors that will be displayed in real time so you can track your workout. The coach will be coaching you in to 5 different heart rate zones with focus on the last three: your active recovery zone, push pace zone, and all out zone. If you spend 12 or more minutes in the push pace and all out zones combined, you will create an afterburn which allows your body to burn calories up to 36 hours after the workout. So basically, when I am done with my class, I am still burning calories when I get home! The workouts change everyday so I am never over or under training my body. What I love most is that this workout is truly for every fitness level. The cardio portion on the treadmills have options for a power walker, jogger, or runner. The dumbbell weights vary from 8 lbs to 60 lbs so you can really go at your own pace throughout the 60 minutes. Go see for yourself why I am so thankful for Orangetheory and how the Orange Zone has helped me get back on track with my healthy lifestyle...

Co-Author -Eric Liebich

Born and raised in Michigan, Eric is the oldest of three, and the proud uncle of two delightful little nieces.

After graduating with a BA in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University in 2007 Eric relocated to Charlotte where he began his professional career. He then began transitioning into real estate in 2009, and since that time has successfully negotiated many real estate transactions throughout North and South Carolina. His client base consists mostly of personal referrals and repeat clients, where his goal is to help others realize the dream of home ownership by providing a level of service that makes the home buying and selling process smooth and simple (more info here -> Profile - Eric Liebich).

Outside of work Eric is passionate about travel, sports, and family, and he's always on the lookout for trying something new - including his recent involvement with Fun 4 Charlotte Kids! 

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