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Creative Solutions for the Kids this Fall!

​We already know that our School District here in Charlotte is going virtual. I know is hard because we need to work an support the kids learning at the same time. As you know I have two boys and the idea of having them home is hard but at the same time we are researching for creative solutions on what to do with them this Fall.  Are you Wondering (like us??)  what to do with your school aged kids while they are learning virtually? we are putting together a Virtual Learning Assistance guide for places around town who will help with school work AND provide a fun environment! 

Times and Pricing:

AM Half Day 7:30am-12:30pm Grade Groups (Kindergarten – 1st) (2nd – 5th) (8th – 12th)




Morning will begin exercise as we get everyone ready to take on the school day. Next, we will have three hours of Core Curriculum e-Learning. The next hour is unique in which it is setup for them to succeed with Student Resource Time (SRT). This is an opportunity for them to focus on their study or project of choice that may need more time dedicated. For those that are finished we will have an elective for them to try out. Finally rounding out the AM Half Day with lunch right before pick up.

PM Half Day 12:30pm-5:30pm Grade Groups (2nd – 5th) (8th – 12th)




Afternoon will begin with lunch. Next, we will have three hours of Core Curriculum e-Learning. The next hour is unique in which it is setup for them to succeed with Student Resource Time (SRT). This is an opportunity for them to focus on their study or project of choice that may need more time dedicated. For those that are finished we will have an elective for them to try out. Finally rounding out the PM Half Day with an hour of exercise and activity before pick up.

Full Day 7:30am-5:30pm Grade Groups (2nd – 5th) (8th – 12th)

Our full day groups will follow the half day schedules just in their own learning pods to keep the contact as limited as possible.




If you are ready to hold your spot for any one of our Face to Face with Flipz programs just call us a 704-544-4511 to register with a $100 non-refundable deposit per child. We will then take the child's name, school, and grade they will be studying for the 2020-2021 school year. If you have any further questions before registering please call 704-544-4511 or email Angi Davis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remote Learning Support

Why choose us?

Choose your level of support:•3 days / week (8:00 - 3:30) - $50/ Day•5 days / week (8:00 - 3:30) - $40/ Day •Intensive 1:1 tutoring or small group (call to customize program ) - TBDSnacks included. Materials included, but it's recommended you bring your own device, pre-loaded with your child's programs and passwords. We can supply one if needed. Brand new, 5 classroom facility in Ballantyne (across from Elevation Church)Micro-classrooms of no more than 8 students in cohorts of K-2, 3-5, 6-8.We prioritize & maximize student engagement in live meetings with their teacherReview any recorded lessons from their teacherAssist students to access and complete homework and other assignmentsExplicitly teach and reinforce essential life skills such as organization, managing emotions, taking initiative, goal setting, and perseverance.Learn and practice active healthy habits during gym time.Integrate enrichment learning opportunities using our proprietary S.T.E.A.M. curriculum such as culinary arts, chemistry experiments, entrepreneurship, movie making, robotics, visual arts, public speaking, coding and more!We strictly adhere to the latest state & CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe & healthy.Owned & operated by a National Board Certified Teacher, Principal, & father of twins.

Enrichment Only

If you're a Homeschool Family already or you have developed a good routine to support your child's remote learning, we also have S.T.E.A.M Enrichment only classes.

Choose your level of support:

•1 day / week (9:00 - 3:30) - $65/ Day•2 days / week (9:00 - 3:30) - $65/ Day

What would Enrichment look like?

Engage students in fun S.T.E.A.M learning opportunities, such as culinary arts, chemistry experiments, entrepreneurship, movie making, robotics, visual arts, public speaking, coding and more!Lessons and projects are hands-on and interdisciplinary, challenging students to apply and generalize their learning in a highly collaborative environment.

We are here to serve our community and invest in our children. If you have any questions, or have a unique situation, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can support you and your child as we traverse this new normal together.

Click here to Register Today! Space is Limited. Only 8 Kids per classroom!

Small Art Big Art is offering lots of enrichment solutions this Fall:

- 2 Hour Creative Morning Preschool Classes DROP OFF, AGE 3.5 - 6 Preschool age kids (age 3.5 – 6) will delight in following their natural curiosity as they discover and learn through art! At this age, virtually anything can be taught through or enhanced by art! – Nature, science, numbers, letters, colors, shapes, mixing, sorting, stacking, pinching, pulling, squeezing, rhyming, singing… you name it!

- 1 Hour Preschool Class DROP OFF, AGE 3 - 5 This class is structured just like our Creative Morning preschool class, but is a shorter duration – only one hour vs. two hours!The class meets one day a week, weekly for 6 week sessions. Students are welcome to join a session in progress for a pro-rated fee.

- 2 Hour ART LAB DROP OFF, MIXED AGES 5 - 12 This 2 hour class blends fine art techniques with your child's own creative expression. We strive to expose students to aspects of art history, current art makers, and the elements of art (line, space, color, balance, etc.), while letting them run a little wild with their own imagination.

- Tween / Teen Crafternoons AGE 12 - 16 These 'tweens & early teens are excited and ready for more complex techniques & materials and we have the joy of challenging them as they grow in the creative process. They are encouraged to trust their instincts, value their individuality, and think critically about their art choices.

- Intermediate Mixed Media AGE 12 - 16 This 90 minute studio class provides our early teen students with an in-depth opportunity to explore innovative art techniques, advanced fine art skills, trendy creative projects, and simply get their hands messy!

- Family Open StudioA GE 4 - 10, PARENT OR CAREGIVER STAYSFamily Drop In Open Studio is an opportunity to collaborate and co-create with siblings! A parent or adult caregiver is required to stay with their child(ren).

- Foundational Drawing AGE 10 - 12 This class is for students ages 10 – 12 who want to improve and refine their drawing skills! Most art mediums (painting, for example) are improved with strong foundational drawing techniques and we'll give students the tools they need to improve their overall art skills!

- 3D Sculpture AGE 6 - 12 Students in this class will learn to create a variety of sculptures, including free-standing 3D sculptures and relief sculptures (a raised design on a flat surface), using foundational sculpting techniques such as modeling, molding, shaping, & assembling.

The Y's School Days+ Program Combines Care & Enrichment

School Days+ gives parents the opportunity to send their child to a safe place to play, learn and grow while they aren't in their traditional school environment. They offer full-day options on a weekly schedule in order to give students and families customizability to complement their changing needs and schedules.

They Have Experience Helping Parents Homeschool

Even before the pandemic, the YMCA ran a very successful homeschool program that helped parents give their children a well-rounded education. During the school year, they will continue to partner with parents as they offer enriching programs to engage minds and grow kids' skillsets.

The Y has 2 Locations for Environmental Education

Kids don't have to be stuck at home to learn something new. The YMCA of Greater Charlotte helps kids learn more about the natural world through hands-on experiences in their environmental education program at YMCA Camp Harrison and YMCA Camp Thunderbird.

They Have a Homework Hub to Help With Schoolwork

We're not sure how teacher to student communication will work yet, but individual attention may not be as readily available from your child's school. That means the potential for more tough questions for parents. Luckily the YMCA offers a Homework Hub service that can help provide the academic support your student needs.

Find More Helpful Programs at the Y

This school year is filled with plenty of opportunities for kids to learn and thrive at the Y. In addition to the programs mentioned above, the YMCA of Greater Charlotte also offers swim lessons, teen programs, virtual learning, youth sports at home and more! You can find all of their helpful programs and services on their Back to School page.

The Y is Hiring Parents & Teens to Fill Back to School Needs

The YMCA is helping reignite the Charlotte economy after the impact of COVID-19 on our local job market. They are actively seeking qualified parents to fill Lead School-Age Counselor and Lead Afterschool Counselor positions across the county. Teens and young adults are encouraged to apply for School-Age Counselorand Afterschool Counselor positionsas well. Check back at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte job center as new positions become available. 

For More options visit our Virtual Learning Assistance Page 

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