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Fire Department Surprises My Children At Their Birthday Party

Unfortunately, many of our trips ended disappointingly when either the truck was not there, or they had to leave to go on a call. Even the planned visit by the local fire department to the school had to be cancelled at the last minute because the fire department had to attend to an emergency – as we expect them to do. Since early 2020, our visits to the local station have been met with closed doors because of the COVID outbreak.

As their 5th birthday party approached, I coaxed them for ideas on what, and who they wanted at their party. The boy wanted cowboys; the girl wanted mermaids. One wanted their entire class to come, one wanted the entire family – including the older cousins. Well, this was going nowhere quickly. But true to form, they both screamed "FIRE TRUCK!" in my ear as a fire truck shot past us on the way to the store. Now I had my party idea!

Now on a mission, I called the local fire department to see if they could please come to our party: "No, we are unable to come to parties. Sorry." was the response. I asked my brother-in-law who was a volunteer fire-fighter: "We do drive-by visits only, but that is only if we are not on a run, and we cannot guarantee that we can come" was his reply. I asked if they had a smaller truck, or maybe a visit with just a few firemen with their jackets and hats only to be told: "No, we cannot take our gear out of the station." Darn, I was nixed again!

Not one to give up, I moved ahead with the fire-truck themed party – fire truck or no…

Birthday day arrived. Guests were arriving. Kids were running around screaming with joy. Fire truck theme was going great! We set up fire activities: garden hoses, plastic hydrants, cones, fire hats – we had it all. The twins were elated; the classmates and cousins were having the time of their lives!

How did I accomplish this marvel? Well, after striking out with the local fire departments I was sharing my frustration in a Facebook group when one of the other parents referred me to the Fantastic Fire Department. I explored their website and discovered the Fantastic Fire Department is a fire truck adventure party company that specializes in children's parties. They have a beautiful, authentic fire truck that has been reconfigured to be kid-friendly and safe. Their party packages are designed to provide fun-filled activities for the children and not just a "here's a fire truck" type visit. When I called, the staff was friendly and accessible; they answered every question I had; and assured me that they would be there on-time and for the full duration. True to their word, on the day of the party they texted me in real-time as they were on the way and the kids were unaware of what was coming. They had it timed to-the-minute!We were thrilled to have the Fantastic Fire Department come to the party and have all the kids – again, big and small – be surprised and shocked by the chance to have their very own truck for the entire time. In particular, the twins were made feel the most special by being called by their names and recognized as it being their special day. The Fantastic Fire Department is Charlotte's premier fire truck adventure company for children. They service the entire Metro-Charlotte area – from Lake Norman to Lake Wylie – with year-round fire truck adventure options for kids. They are fully licensed and insured, with a highly trained staff that aim to make your child's birthday the most special ever!

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