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Celebrate Easter at Home Ideas

This is not how I normally celebrate Easter I totally get it! 

Most families get together for lunch or brunch on Easter Day, and enjoy being together as a family and it's all about the kids egg hunt. This year as a mom I have to think out of the box, and I want my boys to have a great Easter. I am excited to share my eggcellent list of Easter ideas to enjoy at  home or in your neighborhood.

​I love Easter egg hunts and I do it all the time even when is not easter time. Last week, I used the eggs and I added some numbers for my four year old to practice number recognition. This year,  I am having a hard time to engage my 10 year old  in our regular activities, but my youngest is four so I still need to do egg hunts and crafts, etc. 


  •  NEIGHBORHOOD HUNT: The stuffed animals are appearing in windows around neighborhoods "Teddy Bear Hunts".  This was an awesome idea because my boys wanted to go out for a walk to hunt for bears. It is an exciting, social-distancing-safe scavenger hunt activity, and we could do the same with Easter Egg Hunts. Find a templet  attached text or email your neighbors and ask them to decorate and tape the eggs to the windows and the kids will be able to go around and go for a "Easter egg hunt"  
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  • Front Door Decor Contest: Coordinate with your neighbors by text  take all your Easter decor and decorate the  house front door!  this will be awesome for the entire neighboorhood to admire during afternoon walks. 
  • Jellybean Necklace:  you just need a bag of assorted jellybeans, needles, scissors, thread and ribbon. Have your little ones choose a pattern with the jelly beans they would like to use, and thread these and tie them at the end. I advise you to thread these for them just in case for safety reasons. Once these are all done, you can add a cute ribbon and rock your one of a kind charms. 
  • EASTER EGG RELAY: Have older kiddos in the house, and want them to engage in some fun activities? Set up a race in the backyard. Get a spoon and Easter eggs and have them hold the spoon with their mouth, and walk across the yard. Who ever gets to the finish line first without dropping the egg gets some sweet candy! If they drop the egg, they will have to go back and start from the begging. 
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