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Activities for Kids During Severe Weather

This list of ideas was created by a group of moms during Fun 4 Charlotte Kids' Facebook Live in September before Hurricane Florence was about to hit North and South Carolina. During severe weather you can be indoors before, during and after the storm hits. In that case you will need lots of activities and ideas even with the power on, because you can't go outside and even Indoor Play areas will be close. These are ideas that you could do with your family without water or without power. We hope this will keep the kids entertain and safe during a severe weather emergencies! 

1. Art Supplies and do some Art Projects: Colors, Markers, water color, lunch bags, etc. 

2. Play games like Uno, Go Fish, Old Maid. 

3. Board games

4. Egg hunt (Easter egg hunting in dark with flashlights)

5. Dress Up

6. Have a dance contest

7. Musical Chairs

8. Glow in the dark crafts

9. Have a treasure hunt around the house

10. Prepare to go camping in the leaving room

11. Play with balloons (Ping pong with balloons)

12. Hula hoops

13. Indoor obstacle course with  items you have at home

14. Make play-dough ahead of time and have it ready

15. Inside camping ⛺️ and story telling

16. Dance Party

17. Paper airplanes

18. Hide and go seek

19. Charades for some of the older ones

20. Build a fort with pillows and other furniture pieces, blankets

21. Spider web game - painters tape they have to go through the tape

22. Make ramps with boxes and card board boxes, and do races

23. puzzles

24. Visit the public library before and get new stories for the kids:

Public Libraries in the Charlotte Area

25. Telephone is always a fun game! Especially with a house full!

26. Fashion runway show

27. Lego challenges or building challenge with blocks

28. Write a book together and have the kids illustrate it

29. Make sugar cookie ahead of time and have the kids decorated during the storm.

30. Make Slime

Last don't forget to go over family emergency communication plan.

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