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8 DIY Backyards Sprinkler Parks

8 DIY Backyards Sprinkler Parks

If you're from Charlotte, you are on a perpetual hunt to find ways to stay cool in your own back yard. From running through sprinklers to playing with the hose to playing in baby pools, being in the water is a great way to stay cool in the summer! We've searched pinterest far and wide for some creative ideas to upgrade the traditional sprinkler backyard water park. Scroll down below to find some easy DIY sprinkler parks! For all the sprinkler parks in Charlotte, many of which are FREE, Click Here!

1. The classic. Fill up your plastic or blow up pool and add a slide. The kids will slide and splash over and over!

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2. The bottle sprinkler. This one is genius! Grab a bottle, poke holes in it, then attach the hose with tape. Wa la! Sprinkler fun.

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3. The sprinkler noodle. Grab a noodle, poke some holes, tape the bottom, then add the hose. Arrange it hanging, on the grass, or get creative! 


4. The ultimate sprinkler noodle. Add more noodles and get creative! This looks like lots of fun! 

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​5. The sprinkler pvc. This looks so easy, even I could figure it out. PVC pipes, angles, spicket, and drill holes. You can get more complicated and add more pipes to make it stand, but this one looks fun as is! 

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6. The water balloon slide. Why save water balloons for birthday parties or team building?

They are fun everyday! Have your kids help add water to the balloons and check this article to make a fun slide

7. The water blob. I've never seen this, but it looks fun! Add water on the top, too, to stay cool. You can find the directions to make this here.

​8. The ultimate water fun obstacle course! Why not invite the neighborhood to bring all the water toys they have. You'll have a huge obstacle course of water fun the kids will enjoy!

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Here is a list of places you can in and around Charlotte for more water fun:

Share photos of your favorite backyard water fun below!

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