Crayola IDEAworks

  • When: Saturday, June 25, 2022 - All Day Event
  • Location: 400 Camp Rd. Charlotte, NC 28206
  • Cost: Tickets Range $20 - $39

Creativity is inside each of us—we just need to ignite it! Experience an immersive, colorful, and wildly fun exhibition that taps into the creativity we all have. At Crayola IDEAworks, you’ll think outside the box through state-of-the-art interactives as you answer questions, create solutions, and solve challenges that refine and define your own creative style. Think you’re not creative? Think again!


Walking into Crayola IDEAworks, you'll choose an icon and scan your RFID wristband that will capture your interactions throughout the exhibition for a completely personalized experience. A brief intro video will provide a glimpse into your colorful journey and Crayola innovation.

IDEA Workshop

Let the fun begin! First, you’ll visit four vibrant hubs where you will answer questions and complete activities to earn badges. Here you will practice the steps to solving a problem and begin to discover your personal creative strengths. Scan your band, answer questions, and collect badges!

​Pitch a product! Fill in the blanks to develop a product pitch that’s delivered onscreen by an animated shark and see how others rate the pitch—would they buy the product?
• ​It’s time to plant a garden; what will you do first? Prioritize the steps.
• ​Using foam noodles and connectors, can you create solutions to three building challenges?
• ​Differentiate between what’s fact, false, or opinion in a fast-paced, timed game.

Once you’ve explored each hub of the IDEA Workshop, you’ve earned your badges. Nicely done!
Now, step through the Color Wheel Portal and into the bustling Colorverse® to put your skills to the test.


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